Looking for help but not sure where to turn?

A Change into Recovery is a state approved treatment agency, a place where you can feel safely supported on your road to recovery. If you or someone you know is experiencing issues with alcohol or drug abuse, then we strongly encourage you to contact us for a completely FREE 30 min. CONSULTATION, to determine if we are the right fit.

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one change can turn into a lifetime of freedom and happiness


We offer a FREE 30min. Consultation with our experienced staff to determine whether we are a suitable fit for your needs, before we send you to take our assessments. We take great pride in our assessments, as they are one of the most high quality, in-depth assessments in the Washington State area.  We believe each person has a unique situation and we take a personal yet professional approach in determining suitable placement.

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Our treatments are unique for each patient we care for. After the assessment, we are able to diagnose and give a custom treatment plan to our patients. Treatments plans may consist of individual, group and self study sessions. We also offer Alcohol/Drug Information School (ADIS).  

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We are all about family! We understand that support from family goes a long way in the success of recovery. We have many programs that are suitable for patients and their families. In addition, we have some specialized programs for relapse prevention, older adults groups and children.

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We strive to provide treatment for as many income ranges as possible, and we offer affordable monthly payment plans to fit your individual needs. We also accept most insurance plans, and can offer sliding fee discounts as appropriate.